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how do you prevent user accessing Wireless module

i have a single user where i am limiting them to only one network node device and it's interfaces.

when i test this logon i was able to block other modules except for Wireless.

the user has full access...any way to control this access to wireless?

i set the only two Wireless items in Account View to NONE.


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Hi Kabakkuk,

 I'll try to replicate this and see what I can do.


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Thanks - i'll wait for your reply...

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I have found that Orion v9 allows the ability to control which module tabs each user sees. We are calling for Beta customers now...

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 I labed this out and found I was able to limit a user to one non-wireless device and set the two wireless views to none as you described. The result is that the user does only monitor the indicated device but will see the wireless module link (and the others). When the user clicks on wireless they see a default wireless map but can not actually see any wireless devices. This is a little different than when the user clicks on NTA and receives an error message stating they don't have right to that area.

Is this consistent with what you are seeing?


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Thanks for checking this out - yes, it is consistent with what i am seeing.

if Orion 9 is due out this summer then i can certainly wait for that added feature. this would fall in line with my schedule.

thanks again

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