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getting trouble while adding stack switch in NPM

Hello everyone,

I'm new to Solarwinds can someone help me to add stack switch in solarwinds.


We have new office in which we need to add mutiple switches, for example

Switch1- IP:

Switch1: (stack switch)

Switch2 - IP:

Switch2 - (Stack switch)


As per above scenario we need to add two switch having same name with single ip address (which is stack switch), need help on this to add into solarwinds.



Thanks in advance.

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The previous answers are correct. Once you add the node, Orion will see the stack and (as long as you are running NPM 12.0 or above) you will be able to view the stack when you select the node. You will see things like the switch numbers, priority levels, stack ring, etc. I would add that you need to ensure that you have the stack enabled in "Manage Pollers".

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@jeepinandy58 Yes I agree in your statement before that i just want to let you know this is Aruba switches 3810 model as per my knowledge in solarwinds we don't have default poller for Aruba stack. For this I have created new poller for Aruba Stack switch and I have enabled it . As I mentioned earlier after creating new poller I could able to see stack properties for these switches but after few days when I check for stack summary I'm not able to found any stack properties .

Here I need some recommendation from you guys to help me out on this. I have attached screenshot as well.

@superfly Could you please help me out on this.


Thanks in advance

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Stack switches are added into Solarwinds as a single device. Solarwinds should detect that it's a stack switch and add in the extra left hand view as seen in this image.


This article gives you all the info.

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@superfly As u mentioned once we add stack switch in Solarwinds it will automatically detect stack switch, but i am not able to find stack switch option in customize page. Please help me on this.


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Do you not get the extra tab on the left as in the image I provided?


But to check if the stack has been detected as a stack do the following

Go to Settings > All Settings
Under the NODE & GROUP MANAGEMENT section, click on "Manage Pollers"
You can either search for "Switch Stack" in the search bar or click on "SolarWinds Native Poller" under GROUP BY then scroll to Switch Stack
Check the Switch Stack poller then click on "ASSIGN"
Find and Check the Switch Stack in question then click either "ENABLE POLLER" or toggle the "OFF" to "ON"

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@superfly Thanks for your response , As you mentioned above steps I have followed all the steps while, I searched the selected node I'm not able to enable the poller. In poller enable section is not active and scan status is showing not match.

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What sort of switch is it? What version of NPM?

When you do a List Resources on the node, do you see the resources for both switches? e.g. interfaces gi1/0/1-24 & gi2/0/1-24

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@superfly We are using Aruba 3810 switches, when added switches into Solarwinds its not showing stack properties Node customize view.

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I'm not sure if those Aruba switches are fully supported. The stacking definitely works with Cisco switches. Check with support to see if Aruba's work.

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@superfly I have created a poller for Aruba Stack switch after which I am able see stack properties but after few days when I check those switches I'm not able to found stack properties for the same. Any suggestion on this it will helpful for me.

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@kumar07 sorry for the late reply. I don't follow what you are saying. Can you please show some screen shots?

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@superfly after adding new poller for Aruba Stack switch i'm  not able to found stack properties in customize views 




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I think if it doesn't show up natively on the left side, then you can't force it to show up. If you're using a custom poller, you will need to display these stats in a widget on one of the pages.

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@superfly Thanks for your response , could you please let me know if I will add swich1 with IP address mentioned in my scenario can the second switch1(stack switch) IP address was not mentioned) will automatically add into solarwinds.?


Thanks in advance 

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I think we are not getting enough information to help you correctly. In a switch stack, you have several switches connected via a cable that act like 1 switch and they share only 1 management IP. You should only have to add that management IP and Solarwinds will see all the switches in that stack as 1 switch with tons of interfaces.

The same would be true for switch stack 2.

If you have a bunch of switches, each with a management IP, then you don't have a stack, you have switches that are interconnected. Are these Cisco switches or some other vendor?


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@deverts All Switches are Cisco one.


I have added into solarwinds but not able to find stack properties.

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What brand of switches?   Most Cisco switch stacks it handles on its own, but it doesn't handle each switch separately - but as a stack.  Even has a tab that shows the switch and power stacking configuration on the boxes in a stack.   

I believe most brands of switches are managed via a single IP for the stack.  I would think even if Orion didn't handle other brands stacks as elegantly as they have the 3850's, that they would at least reveal all the interfaces via SNMP.

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Hello All,

I have been facing the same issue, raised a ticket with SW support, When i am trying to check Switch Stack details from Sub View its is completely blank, I tried restarting the Orion Services, Orion Server still unable to see any information..

When I try to pull report from "Switch Stack Member Details" I cannot see the complete list of my network switches just few of them are available..

When i try to pull report "Physical Entities (Serial Number) v2" I can the device stack details over there
We are using NPM & NCM 2019.4 version and CISCO devices

Please help!!!

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