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email notification bandwidth utilization


first of all, I'm quite new to Solarwinds products. I recently installed the Network Performance Monitor and the Network Traffic Analyzer.

We have a MPLS network with about 60 routers sending Netflow traffic (egress traffic on the WAN connection). I have SNMP read access on those routers.

Currently I'm having 2 questions:

1) I would like to receive an email when the interface utilization is more than e.g. 90% during e.g. 1 minute. Is this possible? I've been reading the NPM admin guide and I have been testing with the 'Alerts & Activity' module but I'm not able to configure this. I suppose I should create an alert when this is happening with a triggered acion (action should be send an email in this example). Is this correct? I can create a trigger condition but I don't find 'interface utilization' or something like that as a variable.

2) It seems interesting to get a warning (I prefer by email) when an unknow application starts communicating on the MPLS Network. I've found the alert 'alert me when new traffic for application http appears'. I duplicated this alert and I changed the QoE application to Citrix ICA and I enabled this alert, but how should I assign this monitor to some nodes in the network?  It's enabled now, but I don't receive any warning allthoug there is definitely citrix trafficL...



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Yes you can definitely alert on interface utilization. I've set an alert for all my WAN links to alert me if utilization is over 90% for a continuous 10 mins. It email me when that occurs. In the email I include a link directly to the interface, so you can just click on it and using NTA see what's causing the high traffic usage.

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