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Level 8

current traffic utilization: NPM how can I have real time utilization bandwidth?

Hi ,

I just arrived from whatsup gold to NPM ( and NCM) . In the whatsupGold I have the really important tool "real time monitor of bandwidth", below you can see the example:


this tool refresh each 5 second . in the NPM I saw CURRENT TRAFFIC but it's "static" , and changed this value after some minutes.

In NPM have we got the real time monitor interface as in the whatsupGold?

thanks a lot.


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Level 12

rharland2012 is right on track with the Network Engineer's Toolkit.

You can use the Real-Time Interface Monitor from within the Toolkit and create a monitor for the device/interface in question then publish it to web, i.e. create an html monitor that you can publish within NPM.

This is one of the two ways I know of to be able to see "Real-Time" monitoring from within NPM.


The other is with Toolkit Integration on a Workstation.  From within the NPM website there should be an Icon next to any Interface.  Just click on the RT Interface Monitor Icon and voila, you are monitoring in Real-Time.


If you haven't ever used the Toolkit before or don't have a copy, SW offers a trial that I would advise you to download and see if this is what you are trying to accomplish.

I hope this helps and is what you are looking to see and monitor.


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Level 12

Here's a link to an older post re NPM Integration with the Toolkit (Toolset)  whichever suits your fancy...


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If there was a way to leverage the RTBM of Engineer's Toolkit seamlessly into NPM views on-demand, then you'd have something quite usable. We don't own the toolkit here, so I can't speak to if there is any such functionality today.

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Level 9

NPM doesn't offer real-time as far as I know.  I presume this is because it only polls the device as often as you want to slam your pollers.  The Engineer's Toolkit offers a real time interface monitor that lets you bring up any interface and watch its utilization.etc. every few seconds.  Works great,

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To my knowledge, there is no real-time bandwidth monitoring inside of the NPM platform whatsoever.

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Level 8

We are looking for something like this too. A colleague of mine has worked previously with What's up gold and their monitoring on real-time bandwidth was something that he is longing for with Solarwinds. I have not been able to provide him anything in solarwinds that gives him anything that is or feels realtime like up to the second data. Hopefully someone can provide an answer for us.

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Level 7

I am also trying to get this figured out.  Does anyone have a solution on how to configure a view in NPM for bandwidth monitoring in a graph style?  We would like one view with all of our WAN links.

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Level 17

Interface stats can certainly be displayed in chart format. Was this what you were looking to do?

9-19-2013 3-28-56 PM.png

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