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Level 8

Xirrus XN8 WiFi Array , ArrayOS Version 5.1-1644


I have  some "Xirrus XN8 WiFi Array , ArrayOS Version 5.1-1644 " devices and NPM 10.2.1 

And I can't exploit any of the wireless's features like qty of clients connected, etc.

Is there any procedure that I must follow to enable al these features?

Is this kind of devices supported in my NPM version?



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Level 8

I just added a monitor for those as well. No details yet. I don’t think NPM is natively aware of the MIBS for this device. I plan on using a mib walker to find some mibs that are useful and then using the custom poller utility to create some appropriate pollers.

for items such as currently logged on users, antenna signal strength, etc...

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