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Level 12

World Wide Mapping

Several questions here:

1. How do I bulk clear the map of nodes?

2. Can I only populate the Map with nodes that are members of a specific group?

3. Can I set it so that only Nodes showing down display on the WW map?

I have searched everywhere for answers to these question and come up dry so now I'm just going to put it out there.

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Level 16

Here are some tips:

Go here, upper right corner of map.


You can filter on specific nodes and the like by doing this SWQL filter


ebradford​ here you go, check the link below:

The Worldwide Map

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Level 13

So... please excuse my ignorance... but I've never heard of Worldwide Map before. Is it part of NPM? How do you access it? When was it introduced?

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Yes it is part of NPM

Add the World Map to your view with the Customize View button

I do not know when it was introduced. There are lot's of threads on the subject here.

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Level 13

2. Can I only populate the Map with nodes that are members of a specific group?

You can't do this using the GUI, but I wrote a script to do something similar. In my case, I created a group called "World Map" and then I created a sub-group inside "World Map" to represent each building in my organization. Each sub-group has certain properties:

  1. A name representing its location, e.g. "123 Main Street"
  2. A dynamic query that selects nodes in that building, e.g. "Nodes with names containing '-123main-'".
  3. A custom property, "Latitude," which has the latitude component of the building's location.
  4. A custom property, "Longitude," which has the longitude component of the building's location.

My script then loops over the sub-groups inside World Map and creates a Map Point with the group's name as its label and the building's latitude and longitude.

In your case, you'll want to loop over the set of nodes you want to map, and create a map point for each. Here's some Powershell code based on my script (haven't tested this with nodes, but it should work the same).

Populate a structure with node info:

$mapPointProps = @{

Convert the structure to JSON and create a map point from it:

# Set up server info and your Solarwinds credentials
$server = "my-solarwinds-server-FQDN"
$port = 17778
$SWCredential = New-Object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $username, $Securepassword

# Set up REST API URL and JSON
$restApiBase = "https://$($server):$($port)/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json"
$createMapPointUrl = "$restApiBase/Create/Orion.WorldMap.Point"
$mapPointJson = ConvertTo-Json $mapPointProps
$response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $createMapPointUrl -Credential $SWCredential -Method Post -Body $mapPointJson -ContentType application/json -UseBasicParsing
Level 13

To start from scratch, try stopping orion services and deleting the contents of the below table.


Are you saying I should stop all the services or is there one in particular?

My basic understanding is the following:

Wiping out your entire map:

1. Turn off auto geolocation

2. Backup your Db

3. Using Orion Database Manager Truncate the WorldMapPoints and if necessary the WorldMapPointLabel

The Map is now empty

Populate the Map using Custom Properties: (Not sure how or if having a properly populated "Location" field affects this)

1. Turn on automatic geolocation

2. Create Custom Properties Latitude and Longitude

3. Update the values for each node. I used SWIS against an input file with the relevant information

4. Manage Custom Properties -->Use Export to generate a file that has these values in.

5. Use Import and map the Latitude to Latitude(Worldmap) and Longitude to Longitude(Worldmap)

6. Give it a few hours

7. Turn off automatic geolocation

8. Go into the table WorldMapPoints, and set the "AutoAdded" field to 0 for things you do not want displayed. (hopefully they have a name or attribute that can be tied back to NodeID)

Not exactly the dynamic process I hoped for.

It would make more sense to allow map population driven by group members where groups can already be built dynamically. This way new stuff just shows up.

Alternatively, populate the map with everything but, use a user limitation to display on the users view/map only the things the limitation allows for.

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Level 13

1. no

2. no


3. just drag the down nodes onto the map.

What are the other 4 questions?

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The issue with dragging each node individually is that I have 1400 of them to place. Since initially I populated the map using geolocation, and it populated the map with a few thousand more nodes then I wanted, removing them all and starting over is what I need to do. I really don't want to delete one at a time. And then when I repopulate, I only want the specific 1400. The 1400 are identifiable by a combination of some custom properties and Vendor for example.

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