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Work around How-to: NPM User template / Duplicate local user

I cheat / "Found a work around" with the copying of users [we use single accounts - not via AD auth.]

It's a little fiddly but I accidentally discovered this a couple of months ago and it works for me in the interim of UI update....

Having a permission view you want as a template, create a basic new account.

Then back at the accounts view, highlight your 'template' first, as well as the others you'd like the template copied to.

Then when the view comes up to what you want to edit, the page comes up showing what your 'template' is set to.

Reselecting the main category boxes and pressing save then cascades these settings into the other users you wanted to change.

If required, turn your template back to no login access (ie: security requirements)

This is just my view of what works for me.......

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How simple this is.

I just tried it on an eval of NPM v11 & it still works.

It takes the settings from the 1st marked account and rubber stamps it on the others.

Perfect. Thanks