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Level 9

Widget resizing fill (Modern dashboard)


Is there any way of making the information in the widget fill upp the entire widget space instead of just the top as seen below?



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Level 11

You can resize the widget by editing it and then dragging the bottom right corner to the size you want like below.


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Would love to know how you did the network availability widget been looking all over for that one.

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Yes, I know this.
But the information does not follow the resizing as you can see in the picture, the coloured part is only in the top and does not fill the entire widget.

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What type of widget is this, is it a KPI one?

Are you able to paste your configuration so i can see what you are trying to achieve?

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Yes, it's a KPI.
The data is correct, it's purely the aesthetic part that is confusing me.
I just want the color to fill the entire widget no matter how large i make it.
It's going to be on a dashboard for our Servicedesk and when there are priority alert it's gonna be very red and very big on their noc view.
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