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Why isn't Solarwinds joining the dots on my graph

I recently began monitoring an interface and when I went back to look at the graphed traffic I can see the points plotted on the graph but there's no lines joining the dots? The presence of these lines makes it much easier to read and spot any trends. I'm polling this interface every 180 seconds and gathering data every 5 minutes and it looks like below, any ideas how to fix this


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Increase your polling interval.

I have my polling interval set to 180 secs that's the default no? What's the relationship between polling interval and gather statistics?

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Hi Noobes,

You probably have your status polling interval to 180 seconds. This is ICMP polling for response time, packet loss and availability.

You need to change the interface statistics interval:


Once this is done you can generate the diagram, just make sure the interval period you choose is >= the statistics poll interval:




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So Solrawinds is polling at a specific interval, and each poll will collect data. This data is then plotted on the graph. You might well have the polling set to 120 seconds, but you also need to look at the retention of statistics - if you are planning to use alot of historical data, you will need to increase the retention, otherwise the stats are rolled up, and you will see the dots. So you have (in settings > polling settings) detailed, hourly, daily retention - try increasing these. I hold alot of historical data, so have

Detailed statics retention: 180 days

Hourly Statistic Retention: 180 days

Daily Statistic Retention: 500 days

Bear in mind that the higher the retention, the bigger your DB will be

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That's not true... aggregated data won't cause appearance of the dots... It's matter of the chart sample interval

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fair enough - i always thought it was because the data was being rolled up!

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that's more the effect, when you have set Sample interval shorter than the polling interval. E.g. if you have Sample interval 1 minute and poll 5 minutes, it will behave like this. Making the Sample interval longer for the graph should do what you need.

Either Zoom Out from the graph or increase your polling interval - that should do the trick

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Whats your polling interval?