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Why does "classic" manage nodes have so many features that "modern" manage nodes does not?

As I explore the brilliant new functionality of 2020.2 RC and the breadth of new features and fixes it adds I'm still surprised at how little polish older "modern" releases have gotten since launch. Worst offender of all? The Manage Nodes page.

When working with the new modern view this is what options we have (including under the "more" dropdown):


Whereas under the "legacy menu" We have these options:


As you can see the bulk options are much more flexible on the legacy page. If you try to edit polling engine assignment for more than 20 servers at once you time out using the modern menu method (select servers>click edit properties>select "polling engine" checkbox > pick polling engine > click submit). Classic mode it's "select servers>"change polling engine">submit.

I'm all about adding new tools and features but changing the manage nodes view seems to have been focused on "looks good" rather than "serves the same purpose".

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