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Level 8

Why does SolarWinds showing node status Critical but there's no alert or events.

I'm very curious on the behaviour of my solarwinds setup on some linux & also windows servers.

The node status is showing as critical with no other error messages.





How do I troubleshoot and remove the pesky red critical alert when the server is just working fine.


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hello @Jason_TF - When the Node is in a Critical state it is usually due to either a threshold setting or a child object being in a poor state such as an interface or volume. It does not mean there will be an Alert or Event unless you created one to trigger based on those thresholds. 

If you hover over the Node name what does the popup state? It might look something like this:



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I've already hover over the node but it didn't show anything. Other than this node is critical error, I'm not seeing any other messages. CPU, memory & disk utilization for this server is not high at all as this is a low load server, thus I find this very annoying as giving false alarm.





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What all are u monitoring from this box? Did u check all its child entity's?

Are u using global threshold?
Are u using enhabced or classic status?
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Level 11

Check your polling settings for the servers. Also check your agents and see if they are sending data to your polling server. Validate your firewalls to make sure no blocking is happening and you have the appropriate port/ protocol listed in your acl list.

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