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Why am I no longer seeing the same Widgets and Dashboards as other Administrators?

Hi Community,

We have a large number of devices not covered by standard SolarWinds dashboards and as such we have about 25 custom device dashboards.  As the primary administrator I do the bulk of the configuration of these dashboards and in the last few weeks my ability to do this has been steadily eroded. Firstly, my ability to add new widgets reduced to only predefined "Performance Analytics" charts. This morning for all devices, I get the default view and and cannot change it. Others are still correctly seeing custom dashboards.  Different browsers provide slightly different views so I assumed that it was the browser cache issue but it has been cleared in all browsers with no effect... I still see the default dashboard for all devices.  Searching the SolarWinds site provided no clues as to where to start looking to fix this problem so hopefully the community can help!

Cheers, Peter 

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By chance do you have the additional web servers behind a load balancer? I've seen behaviors like that when one of the web servers need to be restarted. New browser or other people get routed to a different server. Could be something totally different but that's a guess.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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No, sorry...  I wish it were that easy.  

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