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Level 9

White bands in graphs

Allmost all of the switches of the switches show, these almost periodic white bands.

Its a routed network so no spanning-tree issues, and links/interfaces are also stable.

Could polling/sample interval have caused this effect.



Chart settings


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Level 12

Chances are yer pollin stopped working for a bit.

You want an alert looking for that stuff, and a couple alerts looking at solarwinds health so you can identify if it's the device's fault, your service's fault, or something else. There's a few posts on the forum here on each topic.

You're looking for lastuptimepollutc being in the past and the lastdatabasekeepalive (sp?) times.

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Yeah my first though seeing bands like that would be a polling gap.

Do they all line up where all devices went white at the same time or are they staggered?

If everything stops polling at once I usually interpret that to be the polling engine or database having trouble.  From here it looks like they are consistent at 3 hour intervals, so I'd definitely be looking to see if there was maybe a recurring job scheduled on the db server that might be interfering, or some similar kind of issue.  Those look too frequent and consistent to be "random" stuff.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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I also just noticed you have your default node statistics interval at 1 minute, that is something that can only work in pretty small environments.  What is your polling engine showing for utilization on the All Settings > Polling Engines page?

- Marc Netterfield, Github