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Level 12

Where is the Performance Analysis in NPM 12.2?

Can someone please navigate me there?  Thank you. 

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BUMP! Also having the same issue on NPM 12.2.


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Hi Mat, Have you tried the links above for guidance, and if so how far have you got, what parts did/didn't work? Have you tried simply browsing to - YOURURL/ui/perfstack/  ?

- David Smith

Hi @David Smith,

Yes, done with the guidance above same with other users experiencing the issue.

I just noticed that the possible reason why it is not available in the menu is that my Solarwinds server is on TRIAL version on my test lab.

Also, using the procedure you provided by using the directlink works : https://SERVERURL/ui/perfstack/.

Thanks a lot!

Level 7

Is that (Performance Analysis) not available NPM 12.0.1? I did not find anywhere. 

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You're right---it comes with newer versions.  Update to the current version and you'll have it (assuming you have administrative rights to see and access and use it).

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It's easy to add into your menu bars.   I added my Performance Analysis to the Home Menu for my team.



Thank you for the info but this was already done.  I double checked it and went through the motions of logging out and in just to see and there is still no option.  I checked all the other menu bars for this option and it just isn't there.  Does this have to do with the evaluation package?  Then again how can I evaluate something I can't use, hmmmm.  I am on NPM 12.2.

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Did you get to the bottom of this? i have two separate versions running NPM 12.2 with both using the full admin account. I do not have the option to add Performance Analysis to one of them and i do the other. i just cant work out whats different between them.


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I'm on NPM 12.2 as well.  I don't know why you don't have the option.  Might it be possible you don't have sufficient Admin rights to work with this?

If you're not certain (or if you ARE certain) about having sufficient rights, I recommend reaching out to SolarWinds Technical Support to get this resolved.

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Level 9

Hi kange0010​,

See the following article,  It says it happens in NPM 12.1, but I have seen it happen in 12.2 as well.  It is just missing from the menu bars.  This article shows how to re-add it:

Cannot find Performance Analysis (PerfStack) in the menu - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Suppo...


Thank you for the link but have you tried to follow these steps?  I still can't find or add Performance Analysis to the menu bar.  Would you be able to provide a more detailed approach with pictures?  I went into my user account, I clicked on My Dashboards and configure but nowhere can I find Performance Analysis.

I did find Performance Analysis when you click on a device; it's located in the Management widget


I'm sorry it says "Performance Analyzer."  Is this the same thing you thought I meant?  Again, please provide step-by-step on how to add this to the menu bar and pictures would be appreciated.

This is what it should look like after you add it:


How-to: Go to All Settings>Customize Menu Bars>Choose the menu bar you want to edit(Default in this case)>Drag and drop the item you want to add to the menu bar>Select Submit





Thank you for the visuals.  So I have visited this area before and under "Available items" I do not have the "Performance Analysis" option to drag over.  I checked and double checked and it's just not there.  I am experimenting with the Evaluation version before I input a valid license; could this be why I don't have Performance Analysis?  If the "Performance Analyzer" I showed you earlier the same thing?

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If you don't see it, you may need to go into the administrative settings and give your account more rights.

Settings > All Settings

Admin > Accounts > Select your account

Edit your account

Scroll down to the lower section, beneath Default Summary View.

Open the Performance Analysis Settings

Beside "Allow Real-Time Polling", select the "Allow" radio button.

Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

You might need to log out & log back in to get the new rights, but now you should have the ability to follow the instructions (provided earlier by JohnsJA) to add the view into your Menu Bar.

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