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Where do I find the map packs on the customer portal / are they still available?


I'm trying to build some maps on Atlas, and wanted to see if there were any other maps/map packs that are available except for the default ones on Atlas?

I came across this post Network Map - Map Packs?

Are these map packs still available?

Also, would it be OK to just use snapshots from Google Maps? What other sources are you guys using for your maps?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Is this what you're referring to? > New SolarWinds Product Logo Visio Stencils

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Product Manager
Product Manager

mfrancis - SolarWinds does not offer built in map packs, beyond what is already included.  Many customers are typically incorporating images they find from searches much like you are doing.  I thought the link provided in that post provided some good examples:  US Map Collections for All 50 States

Others incorporate backgrounds such as Visio diagrams or even actual photographs.  The beauty of it is that is really up to you?  I have Googled high definition 3-D maps before and found some cool options as well.  You can certainly use snapshots from Google Maps too.  I am curious if you can share a bit about your organization and what type of map you were looking to create?  Do you plan to add these to a dashboard and why is this important to you?  Thank you for sharing!

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