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Where are the snmp traps stored in the SQL database

I am using Solarwinds NPM to receive v3 snmp traps from Acaltel-Lucent switch.

We will be writing a program to forward this traps to another Management System.

Do you know where are these traps stored ?

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They're in the traps and trapvarbinds tables (today). You can query for the latest traps using the SolarWinds SDK though that'll give you a layer of abstraction (and you don't have to give away database access). Or, to the other posters points above, you can have the Trap Viewer application have a rule that forwards the traps to wherever (although it would have to be another trap collector).

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Pretty sure they're just stored in a table called Traps.

But Solarwinds can forward the trap itself.  Open the Trap Viewer application on your poller  Then add a rule and check out the Alert Actions tab.  There are actions for for forwarding the trap or calling an external program if you need to do some kind of manipulation for forwarding.

You can create rules on the web, you don't need to go to the trap viewer application.

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Unless I'm missing something, SNMP traps are not yet an option in the web-based Alert Manager.

Short of creating a custom SQL alert, I don't see how to do this.

Yeah I take that back,I was incorrect. I guess it's been so long since I made a trap rule I forgot I was doing so in the trap viewer - at least that I can recall.

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No worries! I had to go double-check to be sure. 🙂

This is correct, on both counts. Just create an action that forwards the traps. No need to do any fancy programming.

Better yet, if you pick up Kiwi Syslog Monitor, you can use that to receive, filter and forward traps as well as syslog entries. This way you can have each NMS only receive the traps it needs. It is an extra expenditure, but it's only $300. Pretty much a no-brainer if you ask me.

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yes it will be "no brainer" just in the next release....

snmp forwarding and snmp v3 are not in kiwi 9.42

What Are We Working on for Kiwi Syslog - Updated March 26, 2015

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