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When will the Upgrade Advisor Include SolarWinds v12.2?

Looking to potentially upgrade a legacy SolarWinds Orion v10.5 up to v12.2

The Upgrade Advisor currently only  shows up to SolarWinds Orion v12.1

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The answer i heard on this is that the new streamlined installer basically replaced to UA, run it and it will let you know your upgrade path. 

- Marc Netterfield, Github

Thank you for your feedback.

Ideally looking to do the FULL UPGRADE to while we can

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Kind of a challenge if the operating system you're trying to run the installer on is unsupported....

Doesn't it tell you that first thing?  So step one, upgrade OS.  I can see the benefit in knowing the whole path you need to take before you start trying to schedule a maintenance window though, haha.  I just upgraded a client from 12.1 on Server08 and Sql08 to some fresh 2016 servers and sql 2017 running the latest versions last week and it was a bit of a chore.  "Oh yeah, should maybe take an hour or two, back up db, restore, install upgrades no problem..." wrong.  Ended up temporarily installing sql 2014 on one of the servers we intended to decom as an intermediate step because 12.1 wouldn't install on sql 2017 yet, and we couldn't upgrade the existing instance past 12.1 without upgrading the SQL and OS.  Only had to stay an extra hour fortunately.

- Marc Netterfield, Github

Step1 for me is upgrade the database server