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When NPM does not show problems with an APC UPS battery, but the battery has failed--what needs to be done to NPM to show the problem?

I use NPM to manage several hundred APC UPS's.

When one of them needs batteries replaced, NPM shows it on this Resource/Widget:


However, a few APC UPS's need batteries replaced, but NPM doesn't show them in the Widget.  Here's an example screen shot that shows battery failure/problems on the UPS's management display, but NOT showing up as a local Alarm, and NOT showing up in the APC custom poller on NPM:


What is the UPS or NPM missing to properly discover and show every APC UPS that needs batteries replaced?

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Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm having the same running NPM 2019.4 with both the built in APC monitoring as well as the SmartUPS Universal Device Poller. I even tried upgrading one of my APC NMC's with the "The battery is not installed properly." issue to the latest version firmware, same problem.

REPLACE INDICATOR Battery Doesn't Need Replacement
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Is this the UNDP vs newer integrated APC monitoring?   Mine were doing that for several months.  I eventually put in a ticket, but somehow they were magically in sync when we were going to try and debug it.  We hadn't done anything yet that might have caused that.  Now both the older UNDP and integrated seem to be in sync.  I don't know why.

John Handberg
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Maybe a ticket is the right avenue to try.  And maybe my NPM polling and APC Monitoring will magically sync up like yours!

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I still have not fully converted over to the new alerting.  I am uneasy about missing something if the old vs new methods don't trip at the same times.

John Handberg
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