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Level 12

What will Rediscovery actually do?

Still a little confused as to what Rediscovery will do. As I understand it, if I change anything about the node (e.g. system name, IP address. etc.) on the device itself, then Rediscovery by NPM will note the changes for an existing NodeID and record it in the database. Is that correct?

What will Rediscovery NOT pick up on?rediscovery

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Level 13

What it DOESN'T do is fix a device that was changed (one type of switch replaced with a different one).  Often interfaces get orphaned.  In my experience, its usually best to delete the device and re-add it to get it cleaned up.

It also doesn't tell you that the SNMP community has changed.  You usually have to look for the unknown silver square icon to find them.

Level 12

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Come on. Too easy or too difficult?

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Rediscovery will update information populated into the Node Details section if this has changed in the SNMP configuration on the node or DNS changes around the node name when doing a look up against the IP.  If i'm correct this will also force a Topology rediscover if you select Layer2/Layer3 resources when adding the node to Orion, and update changes to volumes or interfaces if they are changed after the initial addition of the node.