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Level 17

What we're working on post-NPM 11.0

The 11.0 release just occurred today, but we're already hard at work looking at items for future release. We have some game-changing new features in the works, so please stay tuned. Kindly find below list of items we are working on:

Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Increased scalability per SolarWinds instance (target of 250k elements / instance)
  • Improved performance and decreased resource load times via analysis with SolarWinds DPA
  • Increased number of pollers possible per instance

Disclaimer:  Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds will deliver any specific feature in any particular time frame. All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are based on the product team's intentions, but those plans can change at any time.

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Level 9

Some very nice features there. Very encouraging. Keep up the good work guys.

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Level 14

This seems like a very impressive upgrade, and I also look forward to it.  By the way, here's my wishlist regarding syslog improvements...

  1. Provide a way to deduplicate identical syslog messages from the same node (like Kiwi Syslog does).  Hopefully, an end to floods of duplicate identical alerts!!!
  2. Automatically suppress (but do not discard) syslog alerts if the node is in UNMANAGED mode
  3. Migrate syslog rule management to the web
  4. Allow for Advanced SQL scripts to be used on rules
  5. Make me a hot cup of joe every morning... 

I know that's a lot to ask, especially on item #5...  Anyway, I think the above will make the NPM upgrade even more impressive.  That's my two cents...

I forgot to add something to my wish item #2 above..  There may be times when suppression of syslog alerts is not desired, even if the device is unmanaged.  So, this is how I envision it working....

When a node (or a group of nodes) is selected to be unmanaged, a prompt will ask the person if the syslog alerts should be suppressed as well.  The suppress syslog alerts option will be checked by default.  So, the person will need to un-check the box if he/she does not want to suppress the syslog alerts.  This will make everyone happy, those that want/need the syslog alerts and those who don't.

NPM developers... keep up the good work.

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How about integrating syslog/trap alerting with the advance alerting....  ONE alerting engine....

That would make too much sense...can't have that !!

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That's kinda been a feature for a long time now o.O having those be seperate!

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Level 9

related to unmanage improvements:

I'd like a node unmanage to also automatically ignore syslog or snmp traps from that host too.

Also, I'd like a syslog/trap ignore: There are some alerts we generate off of syslog or traps. For example, EIGRP up/down messages via Syslog are still more timely than polled router status via 10.7, so we send those out as alerts. However, if a link is flapping over and over and over, we'd like to be able to unmanage/ignore a combination of host/message easily for some period of time (2 hours?) so we can sleep while a wan vendor is fixing the link.

Sure, we can write a rule to discard that combo, but that means you need to truck down to an RDP capable box, vpn in, login to the server, run alert manager....


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Just curious, have you built your syslog/trap alerts with a "not all" condition group to specify the node status "Unmanaged"?  That should give you the ability to reduce noise for unmanaged nodes, similar to the default application alerts that only alert App Down if the Node is up.  Maybe you tried it, but just a thought.

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You should look into the Feature request if it has been already requested. If it is, vote, so it gets the PM attention, if not, create the feature request, and you'll get my vote

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Level 13

I hope that Network Sonar Discovery & Worldmaps will be reworked ... Pretty Pleaseeeeeeeee!

Level 8

Please consider adding my feature request into the next version:

Level 16

SOOOOO  many great features!!  It's gonna be a great upgrade

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I know I'm excited.

game chaning for sure !!!

It's sound much like rewrite of alert engine code.

I for sure like to know how big is the change


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