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Level 15

What we are working on for NPM

Now than NPM 10.2 is out the door, development has been busy working on the next release. Below are some of the features we are working:


  1. Background research and prototyping for new charts (there will be a blog post describing this in more detail soon).
  2. SNMPv3 support for AES-256.
  3. Improved handling of devices with multiple IPs
  4. Better support for international customers.
  5. Enhanced alerting around UnDP table pollers.
  6. Native support for Alaxala and Apresia (CPU, Memory, and Interface utilization).
  7. Support for changing polling method (for example: from WMI to SNMP).
  8. Continued improvements to ConnectNow (leverage CDP and LLDP information).
  9. Incorporating this community built resource by Gob which shows how long a node or interface was down.
  10. Support for a new SWIS Clear Event verb (helpful for integration with 3rd party ticketing systems).
PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel.   If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!
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Level 8

Please give us better Email alerts, with easy ways to handle acknowledgements, and a way to interface with third party ticketing/call systems.

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Level 9

Overhaul the web interface! With lots of monitors being widescreen and super high resolution now, it would be great to be able to show more than three columns on any given display page.

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Level 8

additional authentication methods (LDAP, LDAPs, TACACS, etc) for user accounts on the web console???  this is years overdue and we've been a customer since the pre-7.x releases and will probably end up dropping as a customer because of this missing functionality...

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Level 14

Hello to all,

Some of the important Roadmap items are not met unfortunately.  Some of them are...

  • Multiple IP Address for single node.
  • Auditing

Multiple IP's per devices is a big one.  Routers and layer 3 switches prove to be an issue.  We would like to show in the node details page all the vlans and subnets that are on the system.

Thanks guys!!!

Level 9

I would like to add another voice to the request for an audit trail.

One thing I would love to see is more granular and well-built permissions.  If I give someone access to manage accounts, they should be able to do all tasks involved therin - including managing the limitations on the account - instead of also having to give them the 'customize views' permission and risk them altering the default range of graphs that all our company sees.  I would love to be able to give people access to add new devices without also allowing them to delete devices.  I would love to give people access to edit existing devices without being able to add or remove.

I would also love to be able to define regex/patterns for custom properties.  we have device naming standards for sanity, but there is no way for us to enforce them within the application.  We can run scripting against the database to find the ones that don't work, but then to get to root cause, we have no audit trail to tell us who it was that didn't follow standards.

Add me to the request for an audit trail, that would be great feature and an improvement of the functionality in larger environments.

It took me a while but i was able to customize our installation so that all users have their own "customize views" ability. in other words, if a user clicks "customize page" it won't affect what another user see's.

however, i shouldn't have had to do that, it should be built in. it's kind of crazy to expect every user to want to see the same thing the same way.

Level 8

I second the comment by ecornwell. We absolutely need to be able to specify custom properties as dropboxes, so an extra space doesn't create a whole new property.

Level 9

I would think the number one priority in all of the goals and objectives for Solarwinds would be to work on performance and scalability and focus on data architecture across the product lines.  I believe there are multiple areas where if the data architecture were the primary focus, many other things could be possible.  Several of the stored procedures for alerts/alarms, ability to retain data for longer periods in the original retention polling periods, etc.  Meanwhile, the concept of insuring one can "Retire" and interface and so continue to leverage the data.  This is true of so many of the modules but Orion NPM is at the core of it.  Meabwhile ensuring that Web front end is compatible with the modules is key to performance and scalability.

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Level 14

Linux (net-snmp) OS breakdown support! I don't want to see just net-snmp anymore. Also I would like to see which linux and which version as well.

Ex; Red Hat Enterprise 6 (32 Bit)

Level 7

Are there any news on Trapeze thin wireless AP/controller monitor ? like your Cisco wifi today

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I know this is an old post but I would like to see native support for juniper/trapeze wireless.

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Level 14

Some of our nodes (VPN Edges) lost their ping for sometime. So If a node respond to SNMP but not ping it is proves that node is not down.

Also if a node is unplugged and other device with same IP address (but different sysoid or no snmp at all) came in. It still shows the device is up! That's not a true. We didn'tt have a solution  for this.

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Level 14

I am using the latest beta (3) and I did not find anything about the multiple IP address feature anywhere.

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Level 11

how about (since 10.2)  stopping the database maintenance each night,  deleting from the logs for any node that has been removed

as  now, we can no longer run reports on nodes we have removed, for us it's a financial issue

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Level 10

What about some proper map handling finally? It has been asked about countless times.

Scalable maps, scrollbars in map window, etc.

Please please implement native support for mikrotik / witelcom radios!!

Level 8

I asked for this previously....

On error reporting, giving me an number of errors in a certain time frame is OK, but not especially helpful.  I need an option to convert the number of errors into a percentage of errors based on the number of packets processed.  Seing 1,000 errors is nice, but telling me that 15% of my packets contain errors is useful.  It's data I can take to the carrier and get them moving towards a solution.  NPM already collects the data, so how about a new and useful way to display it?


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Level 13

Hi Mav,

the list has great improvements but there is still lack of few features I'm waiting for. I must agree with jawells saying "you are keen on new features but not keen on improving existing features".

Here are few examples:
1. Report Writer - I see that it has not been improved for years and it is practically the same application now as it was in 2006 when I started with Orion. Few new report templates for APM and NTA are the only changes done .
There is really huge amount of data in Orion database but it is very hard to analyze historical data without integrated tools for that. Report Writer has too poor functionality for that. I see very often that I can not get what I want from Report Writer and I must export data to Excel format file - transfer it from Orion server to my PC and work on the spreadsheeet manually. Connecting Excel with ODBC to database of around 10 GB from remote location ... forget it - would spend hours for transmission. And finally I'm not SQL specialist and have no budget for SQL consultant to make me SQL querry based report.
Report formatting function is very poor as well. There is practically one layout. No option for include graphics and diagrams.
2. Graphics and diagrams - I would say that is even step back when System Manager disappeared forever. I was able to adjust diagrams with subject, time frame, scale, legend and size in seconds or few minutes by System Manager. I must spend tens on minutes now to get the same set of diagrams.
3. Network Atlas defaults - that is something I asked over year ago. Is it really so difficult to enable setup of default line thickness, color or font type and size?
4. Advanced Alerts - still lack of dependancy on another alert.
5. Orion website users log - promised over year ago - called an audit trial !
6. Orion website - node management - resources - when virtual server got reconfigured old volumes have the same color as the new ones and it is necessary to compare IDs to recognize which disappeared and which are active. I asked for that already year ago.

Orion Core 2011.2.2, APM 4.2.0 SP1, NPM 10.2.2, NTA 3.8.0, IVIM 1.2.

One thing I'd like to see would be the ability to both turn off device rediscovery and adjust the rediscovery interval for an individual node.  The reason for this is because we've run into an SNMP based issue on a couple of devices that only causes issues when a rediscovery takes place.  The regular poll doesn't affect it.  So if we could turn off rediscovery for those two individual devices or at least adjust the interval to be very high for them without changing it globally it would be nice.

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