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What should I look for when troubleshooting why NPM doesn't show the hardware status of a Cisco WS-C2960-8TC-L?

NPM isn't showing the current hardware status of a WS-C2960-8TC-L switch.

NPM says it's successfully testing / validating snmp-v3 credentials configured on it for monitoring the switch.  And NCM is successfully backing up the switch.

I've forced it to poll manually, which completed successfully.  It lists interfaces it's discovered successfully.  But it doesn't show the hardware status.


The Device Template is set to Auto Determine, which works fine for all my other 2960's.  Do I need to build/select a custom template, or to manually select a specific template to get NPM to show its current hardware status?




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Hi - I had this exact same issues for some different Cisco switch models after going to NPM12. After a lot of back and forth with support I found the "solution" myself by coincidence. Solarwinds must have changed something going to NPM12.

Data is actually being polled, it is just the resource that is "faulty". You need to edit the resource.

It seems that the resource when set to "Select automatically" it loads something wrong. If you change to fx. "Sensors per category" it loads correctly again as on NPM 11.5 and older.


Hope this solves the issue for you aswell

I like your idea, but I'm having a "senior moment" when trying to find where the Current Hardware Health resource can be edited.  Would you be so kind as to provide the screen shots showing how you got to that area?

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You can actually see the "EDIT" button on the first screenshot that you posted yourself in the original post - hope you found it

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In the top right hand corner of the resource, you will see an EDIT as a choice.  If you select that, it will let you edit the resource.

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My first thought is that the view you are using on your snmpv3 profile is probably not including the OIDs for hardware health.

One simple way to check would be to set the device up to use a v2 community string and see if you are able to add the hardware health to the List Resource.  If that exists in v2 and not in v3 then it would be a pretty good sign to me of where you need to focus the search.

This link looks decent at explaining some examples of checking/editing the snmp views

-Marc Netterfield

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