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Level 12

What's the deal with hardware monitor events??

Don't get me wrong I like having these now but ever since I upgraded to 10.4 my events log is flooded with all different types (informational to critical).  Mostly are the hardware sensor up and then warnings/criticals like this :

Criticalsubslot 0/3 transceiver 0 Rx Power Sensor Critical

What does that mean?  We have no reported issues, etc.  I opened a support case and I'm still unable to get an answer on how Orion comes up with the values for these?  There is 1 advanced alert that is turned on by default, I turned it off and still get alerts.  Since I have 4 pollers my EOC is flooded with these and covering up real issues.

I don't want to turn them off, I need them for fan and power supply monitoring, but right now I have's just way too much.

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I installed NPM 10.4 last night and starting getting the flood of hardware alerts as well.  I'm seeing Te1/11 Bias Current Sensor alerts and my NetApp hardware alerts are all going off.  Something in this new release is screwy.  I'm going to open a ticket this morning on these issues.

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This was discussed also here

The workaround is ready for NPM 10.4 service release.

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Level 7

I am in the same boat, i am receiving way too many hardware health event messages, this is masking other more useful events

I have disabled the advanced alert and still they come...   has anybody had any luck on silencing them?   all I would be interested in seeing is critical messages


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Level 8

I have found that when I have an alert continue to execute the triggered action, even after disabling the alert, you need to either acknowledge the alert or just delete it from the active alerts.  I believe that it may be caused because you have the action set to "Execute this Action repeatedly while the Alert is Triggered".  That can be configured under the Alert Escalation tab which is in Edit Selected Action  under the Trigger Action Tab.  That should at least get the alerts to stop for you.

Now as far as your real issue is concern, I am not sure.  I an not able to see screen shot that you posted.

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I have disabled the alert, so as far as "Alerts" go with the yellow triangle I do not get them any more.  I do however still get yellow triangle events.  Jiri....I don't want to diable these, that just masks issues.  I cannot get support to tell me what in NPM is set up to trigger these?  What are the thresholds?

And what does it mean when a hardware sensor is up?  I get flooded with these too.

I care about fans/power supplies but something in this new version of NPM isn't right to me.  As a result my events are flooded with these hardware sensor warnings, up messages.

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Level 12

If you are looking for the way how to disable specific event type check EventTypes table in your database. To disable specific type run

UPDATE EventTypes SET Record=0 WHERE EventType IN (<list_of_types_you_want_to_disable>)

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