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Level 7

What´s the best SAM component to monitor?


Fist of all, I am new to SolarWinds!

We are trying it and we have a limitation of 700 components monitored on SAM.

Using the default templates, it consumes all my licensing.

So, what we do is apply the templates against the nodes and them edit and delete the components we consider not "usefull" to monitor.

For example, "Windows DHCP Server" template has 22 components. Among these components, we choose one that we consider the most important or essential for the service.

My question in this thread is, how can I know what´s the best component to monitor? Is there any thread or page presenting the best practices for each template?

Thanks in advance.

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Level 9

It basically depends on what would you like to monitor. If you are already monitoring CPU, Memory and availablity through NPM, then few other important performance parameters to monitor is disk I/O, disk queue length etc. I believe there are few basic templates for each of the operating system. Please see whether those will give you some idea on what to be monitored.

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