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What process shall I use to install a new certificate for SolarWinds NPM web access?

My company no longer accepts using the SolarWinds self-signed certificate to access web pages.

What process must be used to install a new certificate?

What style/type of certificate is required?  (e.g.:  X.509 certificates in .PEM format, or *.cer *.p7b or *.pfx). 

What method does one follow to create a CSR, from which our CA can sign it without knowing the private key?

I found a thread with some cumbersome instructions here:  Change SolarWinds Information Services SSL Certificate     Surely there's a more graceful and simple method, isn't there?

Yours, wishing the swiftest packets for you & your friends,


Rick Schroeder

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So here we have an Internal PKI running on a Microsoft server, and that PKI allows you to request a cert from any windows server and it put it in the right place. Solarwinds will see a website cert and allow you to use it when you run the config wizard. So I would bet that your company also has an internal PKI and somebody runs it who can assist. I would email that person and ask for a cert if you aren't sure, but here are my notes from adding a web cert via a Microsoft PKI. It will be mostly the same assuming you also have a internal PKI configured in a normal way, but you may not. I hope it helps.


Login to the server that you need to request a certificate for

Go to Apps page

Type in MMC.exe

Right click run as admin

Click Yes

File ->Add/remove snap in


Click Certificates - Add

Click Computer account

Click Next
Local Computer - Finish


Click Ok

Double click -> Personal

Right click on the Certificates folder

All tasks

Request new certificate


Click Next


Click Next (but this is where you may see differences in your environment)


Scroll to find a Web cert, We have a cookie cutter web cert that just uses the server name and one that we can customize and add in Alias and IPs. Your mileage may vary.

My Cert Manager asks in what format I need the cert--*.cer *.p7b or *.pfx?

Thoughts?  Recommendations?  He can provide any of them, but he already has a cer in .pfx format.  Is that suitable for this work?

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All 3 of those work, you will just be feeding the cert into Windows IIS so it takes anything that you can stick into the Windows server cert store.

- Marc Netterfield, Github