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What is the built in Log Analyzer with Orion?

I am looking to figure out where/how/what to configure the log analyzer that comes with Orion.  I am not looking to purchase the pay version of Log Analyzer but thought there was a built in version of this with Orion/NPM.  I can only find documents on the new pay for version of Log Analyzer.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks -Dave

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Dave you will need to download Log Analyzer you should be able to select from the Orion installer. Once installed you will have full functionality for 30 day's after that it will become Orion Log Viewer and you can continue to use it but some of the functionality will be gone see below.  go to page 14


If your LA licenses expire, you will then only have access to the Orion Log Viewer, formerly Log Manager Basic. This means the Orion Log Viewer will use Orion Platform nodes for licenses, so you will continue to receive message data, but will not have access to live event streaming, the event histogram, event tagging, and more. Review the feature comparison here.