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Level 12

What has happened to the customer service response number? "Due to unforeseen circumstances nobody can answer your call"?

Hi, I'm trying to get some Orion licenses released after a failed upgrade to NPM 12.5 et al, and when I called +1-866-530-8040, option 1, a message said that due to unforseen circumstances nobody could answer my call, and I had the option to leave a message?

My prod system is down because I can't reapply my licenses to my old NPM 12.3 instance.....they are applied to the new 12.5 instance which is hosed.

Is there anybody in management that is awake and able to respond and explain what's going on?

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Level 16


Here are the support numbers on

You can also submit a ticket online in the customer portal.

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Level 12

On the phone with technical support, fingers crossed they can help me. They couldn't get a hold of customer service folks either.

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A huge thank you to Alexis Pasao from technical support who gave me some temp license keys to get me through the night!