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Level 14

What group does node belong to?

NPM 12.0.1

How can I tell what group a node has been assigned to? I was hoping to see under Node Details it would list the group(s) a node is in but not there.

Is there an easy way (report maybe) to show what nodes are in what groups?

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Level 9

I had the same problem a while ago and found this post which shows a group membership report

I then edited the default node page to display the report.

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Level 12

We group by custom fields, which means we know what is (or should be grouped ) with what. But there is a report, mine was ported from report writer


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Assuming you haven't modified the views it does show it under the Node details, it is listed as part of the "Appstack Environment" resource.  If you want to come at it from the other side and see a list of all the groups and their child objects you should go to the Home>Groups view and look for the "All Groups" resource and just expand out each group until you see the objects inside them.  This is also shown in a default report called Groups and Group Members.

... Looking into it in my lab i just noticed that network devices do not load the Appstack resource, even when it is added to their view.  If you need to work past this I would just use this Custom Query on the node details page

SELECT c.Name, c.DetailsUrl as [_linkfor_Name]

FROM Orion.ContainerMembers m

join Orion.Container c on c.containerid=m.containerid

where memberentitytype='Orion.Nodes'

and memberprimaryid=${nodeid}

-Marc Netterfield

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- Marc Netterfield, Github
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How would I turn this into a report showing all Groups a node is in?

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