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Level 12

What does a container status of 17 mean?

I have a container that is has a status of 17 when I look in the database.

When I look in the web, the container is OK.

When I look @ the StatusInfo table, it indicates that a status of 17 is:

  • statusname = undefined
  • shortdescription = could not poll
  • color = gray
  • icon = unknown.

Do containers use different statuses than are in the StatusInfo table ?

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Level 17

Is this a UnDP Value?  What is your device type, and/or container type?

Also if a UnDP what is your OID? Initially I hear container and think Cisco.. but it could be something different, please specify.

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So I was mixing what is inside the NPM database with what the Web UI displays.

A container in the DB = A group in the Web UI.  Nothing to do with Cisco equipment, SNMP oid's or UnDP.

I found a "poor" fix.

I edited the group and hit submit. That updated the status in the database.  That still doesn't explain to me how a container (group) could have a status of 14 in the db and show green in the Web UI.


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DB hang up, or a bad read.... either way something like that on my end gets a support case.

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