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Level 17

What We're Working On: New Alerting Engine

Welcome to Web-Based Alerting

Those of you following our flurry of beta announcements for NPM v12 may have noticed a long requested feature make an appearance- Web Based Alerting

We didn't just move alerting to the web however, what you'll see in the beta is a new alerting engine written from the from the ground-up. We've retained much of the flow and styling of the previous alert manager, so you'll feel right at home with the new interface.

While there is more goodness on the horizon for alerting (stay tuned to NPM beta announcements) we wanted to take a few minutes to go over some of the exciting new features. Without further ado:

Manage Alerts in the Web

One look at the new "Manage Alerts" grid tells you this isn't just a port of the old Advanced Alert Manager to the web:


Notice the "Action Manager" tab? Actions may now be edited independently from Alerts. Perform bulk edits, Test / Simulate actions, import / export / etc:


Right from the first alert-creation screen, you will notice some new functionality:


That's right - alert severity and custom properties. Imagine all the fun you can have with a new set of CPs.

Expect to see more fun things on the "Trigger Conditions" page, but the big new feature you'll see in beta is the ability to build conditions off of multiple object types:

9-16-2014 2-28-08 PM.png

Want to combine nodes and applications in an alert? Done.

Our Time-of-Day scheduler is improved in the beta as well:

9-16-2014 2-31-53 PM.png

Are you currently creating multiple alerts for different time ranges? No more.

New / improved alert actions are starting to surface in the beta as well:

9-16-2014 2-35-08 PM.png

You may notice the addition of "Change Custom Property" action. Need to flag something out of service, or change a CP for evaluation in another alert? The possibilities are endless:

9-16-2014 2-38-05 PM.png

If you happen to configure a "Play Sound" or "Text to Speech" action, you may notice an option to download a new "Desktop Notification Tool":

9-16-2014 2-40-11 PM.png

Not only will the tool play sounds / speech on your local machine / NOC system based on alerts, but has the ability to ACK as well.

9-16-2014 2-42-05 PM.png

Email actions also now have "Secondary SMTP server" option for redundancy:

9-16-2014 2-44-50 PM.png

Finally, before you submit the new alert definition, the beta will give you a sanity check to make sure you're not about to spam your entire team:

9-16-2014 2-45-55 PM.png

More exciting alerting improvements to come. If you're interested in staying on top of the action, get involved with our beta program. Details and link may be found here: NPM 12.0 Beta3 Now Available

Not ready for that sort of commitment?

We'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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Level 11

Hi Rob,

the only thing missing from my perspective, is the ability to create HTML styled alerts using a WUSIWUG interface, without having to copy and paste html code into the section.

people tend to respond to colour more than black an white.

for example, all our alerts, use html, so that when they are sent do the device/email we get nice colourful alerts.

green for all is good

yellow for Warning (Think - danger, danger will robinson)

Red for DOWN

add this would be a really great easy to use feature that would compliment the transition to the web interface

WUSIWUG I have learned a new word ... thank you Google


Thwack Home Page | Personal Blog
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Level 11

grate work with 11.5 RC3, web-based alerting look's fantastic.

dose some-one have a idea how to generate a alert out of a Syslog Message or a incoming Trap Message? thanks for the answer


From what I can tell those are still in the win32 syslog and traps viewer apps. Can't wait to see them move over as well.

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Level 9

I love the new Alert Platform!!!

Level 11

it looks grate, question is there a way to have a "Alert" clear'd in relation to the triggert "Alert"?


Trap.1 = USV on Battery (repeats ever 60sec if on Battery) if so, i need a Alert, because i have a power-problem somewhere

my Alert will trigger if this Trap.1 will repaid more the 3time the next 5min. the it will send a mail and a page/sms (this works Perfekt) so all the quit power-off's will not be sent to the Pager  at in the night.

to release the alert, i am waiting for the Trap.2 = "USV normal". This trap ist not repeat, and it will only appear one's. So if the Trap come's in I will have to send a mail and a page/sms. This will lead into the Problem that we get Alerts/Calls with only the Trap.2 "USV normal".

my Question: is it possible to track if the Alert for Trap.1 has ben active, if so then send the release/deaktive mail and page/sms? If not, dont send anything....

best regards for your answer


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SolarWinds Lab

LAB_24 Help a lot, grat LAB thanks...

Level 17

Really looking forward to seeing how this is going to work in our environment.  The Sanity check looks to be the nicest addition we can see immediately by knowing if the alert will flood our teams prior to submitting the alert.

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Level 11

Very much looking forward to this feature release.  THIS is how you should port features from Win32 clients to web !!

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Level 19

Did the oft requested, "Does not contain" criteria make it? Having "Contains", but no "Does not contain" has been frustrating.

Level 10

Option to suppress alerts for patch maintenance would be nice. Currently we are using 10.7 with the advanced alerts not the alert manager tool so don't know if its an option there. It would be nice to still gather events and status while machines are in a planned maintenance mode but simply not alert. This keeps historical data available for reporting. Also while were at it a reason to put options in maintenance mode (like Windows shutdown tracker) would be nice touch.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

My 3 most wanted:

  • Ability to build conditions off of multiple object types
  • Change Custom Property action
  • Desktop Notification Tool + Sound

You guys Rock!

Thwack Home Page | Personal Blog
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AND is nice. We still need what is probably the longest standing feature request on the Alerting front.

Suppress Alert Actions until this alert has been triggered at least XXXX times

Within the past XXXX Seconds/Minutes

If I recall correctly, this exists, or at least did at the time of the UX session I did.

Hmmm, let's wait and see. If it's there, then we should push for the seconds most requested Alert feature and that is trigger actions based on Time Zone!

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Level 13

Man... I need a waterproof keyboard... I've been drooling while reading this thread... Can't wait!

If anyone is interested in spending an hour next week walking through the new features-  just let me know!

count me in!

the chew toy for the dog of life
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This would be fun, count me in.

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I am also interested and have a couple of engineers who would like to see as well...

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