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Level 9

Web Based Reports - Adding as a resource

So I might be a bit brain dead and I'm sure there's a way to do it, but I've created some reports that I'd like to add as resources on my dashboards. I know there is a resource for Report Writer reports, but I can't figure out how to display them for web based reports. Anyone figure out how to do this?

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Level 10

Hi All,

Does NPM 12.2 has a resource to display web based reports on the web view?

aLTeReGo​, I still can't find a resource which could reuse an existing web-based report on the widget. How is the 'datasource' being used for reports then ? Any help here, please ?

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The Custom Table and Custom Chart resources function the same in dashboards as they do in reports. Note that reports themselves are essentially views which can contain any variety of different resources from dashboards, so it wouldn't make much sense to embed a view within another view.

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Thanks for the info! Will look forward to the RC to get these added.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hey Drew,

At the moment with the current version of NPM 10.6 there is no resource to display web based reports.


Tony Johnson

loop1 Systems

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Level 17

You're not missing it, unfortunately this was not implemented for web-based reports for 10.6. In the 10.7 beta you can add custom charts and tables (from web reports.)

Not that practicing thread necromancy is all that encouraged, but was this functionality actually added in the release of 10.7?  I am not seeing any way to add a Custom Chart or Custom Table from the output of a report as a resource in Orion, unless I am missing something.  If this was added, can you expand as to the steps required to do so?  I have a report that uses a series of data sources that I'd love to get charts for on a particular node view that I use for my wireless controller.

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Use NPM 10.7

1. Customize page.

2. Add resources

3. Search Custom table or custom chart.

4. Add it.

5. Submit

6. Configure custom table or Custom chart.

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I've gotten that far, but I'm not seeing anything in the "Orion Object" dropdown under "Add Data Series" that pertains to any reports, web or otherwise.  Similarly, if I uncheck "Use current network object as Data Source" I do not see anything pertinent under "Select Data Source".

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You should see same things as in reporting. If not please wait some minutes and try it again. In first load it takes some time.

In custom chart u need to define datasource and after that you can define data series.

You should see something like this:


Custom chart:


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It seems as though the new functionality has some issues.  Making a new thread (Options missing / nonfunctional from node Custom Charts driven by SQL queries) as it no longer corresponds to what the intended purpose of this one was.

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Ah, so its the same type of functionality as the web reports; not displaying the output of the report itself.  I had hoped I could reuse the same data sources as the ones I had built for the reports.

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