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Level 10

Want to add node before it is on network

I want to pre-add a node before it is actually "up".  I want to add it snmp-managed and not have to go back in later and update it to be so.  Can I do this?


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I would recommend against as you would not be able to fully populate the hardware health/ list inventory information. I would recommend a discovery even if you limited it to just those IP's you expected to come online at some point so it could fully discovery the interfaces/volumes, etc

Just playing around though - I took an ICMP node and did a Database Manager (be afraid, be very afraid 😉 update script that not only switched the node to SNMP but because mine is up it returns ICMP and Orion thinks it's still just fine.

update Nodes set objectsubtype='SNMP',community='your_community_string',snmpversion='2'

where nodeid = your_node_id;

*****If you mistakenly get the where clause wrong you could overwrite all your nodes - beware.

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Level 16

You can only do this through the API. This will require some programming and loss of hair (see my photo)