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WLC Thin [Light Weight] Access Point Serial Number. Display & Report?

Fellow THWACK’sters,

I have been fortunate enough to find the OID shown below that I have now assigned to the 12 Cisco 5500 Series WLCs via the UnDP App on the Main Poller.

                MIB Name:     AIRSPACE-WIRELESS-MIB: bsnAPSerialNumber


                Description:     "AP Serial Number."

When testing this OID against each of the WLCs, there was the full List of the Thin [Light Weight] Access Points that are connected to the WLC Shown with their Serial Number.

Task 1; Find and Test Thin [Light Weight] Serial No. OID; DONE.

Task 2a; Display the Thin [Light Weight] Serial No.’s for all of the Thin [Light Weight] Access Points on the WLC Node Page?

Task 2b; Display the Thin [Light Weight] Serial No.’s on the Thin [Light Weight] Access Points Node Page?

This will probably only be possible if the Thin [Light Weight] Access Point is also a Polled Node by ICMP and there is a ‘binding’
within the SQL Database with the Access Point IP Address… Maybe?

Task 3; Add the Thin [Light Weight] Access Point Serial Number to the Nodes Bespoke SQL Inventory Report that is ran on the 1st of Each Calendar Month.

We may need to Add All of the Thin [Light Weight] Access Point Nodes to the Nodes being Monitored and Polled by SolarWinds.

However, I may find the Table/s and Column/s within the SolarWinds SQL Database that can be joined to the Bespoke SQL Inventory Report that is ran…

Can any of you fellow THWACK’sters Help Me with the Tasks shown above?

Please do not hesitate to ask for any further clarification.

Thank you in advance for your help.

bsnAPSerialNumber - OID.PNG


I have found the Thin [Light Weight] Access Points within the 2 Tables Following;



And the UnDP has been found within the Tables as shown below.



However, this UnDP is shown Assigned to only to the 12 WLCs. (No Surprise).

          [dbo].[Wireless_AccessPoints_View]  = NodeID = [dbo].[CustomPollerAssignmentView]

          Where the NodeID is the NodeID of one of the 12 WLCs.

Is there a Table that will show the Thin [Light Weight] Access Points Serial Number, that will share a Common ID with one of the Tables show above?

Or any other Table for that matter?


In addition to the other THWACK Posts I believe to be related to this issue I have reviewed the OID Assignment via the UnDP App again to find that there is a 'Row ID' Column and 'Test Result' Column shown.


The 'Row ID' Column contains a Unique Number in linked to the Thin [Light Weight] Access Point Serial Number shown within the 'Test Result' Column.

Where is the Table with this information to then 'LEFT JOIN' to the Bespoke SQL Inventory Report?


After some changes to the SQL Script Found with the THWACK Post;

Cisco Wireless Lan Contoller Serial Number Report (SQL Query, Required Custom Poller)

I have had some progress.

The progress being that it appears that the Cisco Thin [Light Weight] Access Point Serial Numbers are being shown using the SQL Script shown below.

However the Description, IP Address, Machine Type and Node Names are the Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers and not that of the Cisco Thin [Light Weight] Access Points.

CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus.Status AS Serial_Number,
Nodes.Vendor AS Vendor,
Nodes.Description as Description,
Nodes.IP_Address AS IP_Address,
Nodes.MachineType AS Machine_Type,
Nodes.Caption AS Node_Name,
CustomPollers_CustomPollers.UniqueName as Poller_Name

(Nodes LEFT JOIN CustomPollerAssignment CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment
ON (Nodes.NodeID = CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.NodeID))

LEFT JOIN CustomPollerStatus CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus
ON (CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerAssignmentID = CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus.CustomPollerAssignmentID)

LEFT JOIN CustomPollers CustomPollers_CustomPollers
ON (CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.PollerID = CustomPollers_CustomPollers.PollerID)

(( Nodes.Vendor = 'Cisco') AND (CustomPollers_CustomPollers.UniqueName = 'bsnAPSerialNumber'))

ORDER by Node_Name Desc

When I get the Cisco Thin [Light Weight] Access Points Details output from the SQL Database I intend to replace this Script.

In the meantime if there is another THWACK'ster out there who can add the appropriate THWACK Post URL

or would like to make the appropriate changes to the SQL Script,

where we can also still see the Cisco 5500 Series WLC that the LWAP is Managed by within the Report.

Thank you in advance for your support.

My Next Steps;

I will be reviewing the full content of each Table referenced within the Script above.

All being well I will find what I am looking for to be added to the Cisco Light Weight Access Points Report.

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Level 8

dc4networks​ were you able to amend the query to pull AP details (e.g AP name) for each serial number?

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Thank you for asking.

I am still working on it but not full time, hence the delay.

It is getting the right SQL Table JOINs to get the correct output.

On some trials it is the IP and MAC Addresses of the Clients connected via the Access Points.

When I get it right I will get it Posted and I will send you a message.

Do you have any feedback that may help?