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Because NPM 10.5 has been released recently we are already working on the next release of NPM. Here is a preview:

  1. Web based reporting UI with new "out of the box" reports with charts
    • Reports that will substitute legacy/old reporting and add possibility to show historical charts
    • TOP xx reports that show charts and detailed information about interfaces and nodes and wireless on the same page
  2. Small improvements and bug fixes (F5 interface polling, HW health polling fixes, adding IP address on interface detail page, and more)
  3. UnDP on maps with thresholds
  4. Sylogs/traps rules & UI improvements - starting on

PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel.   If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!

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Level 20

Please add ability monitor nodes by SNMP ONLY and have them report as up and green in NPM!  It seems like it would be easy to implement.  Give  the option when you add node of snmp only instead of just icmp and icmp + snmp.  We have many areas we monitor with snmp across firewalls where icmp will NEVER be allowed due to tools that allow using icmp as a covert channel.

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is there an idea for this for us to vote on?

Level 13

So has anyone got the new discovered nodes interface import wizard working?   It appears that the wizard only works on the first one or two nodes.  Maybe I just haven't spent enough time making it work, but I avoid it by selecting the interfaces from the found node screen, and that seems to bypass the interface dialog.  It works unreliably and unpredictably as far as I can tell.

Yes, selecting trunk ports is important, but so is selecting access ports with more than 1 MAC in the bridge table.  (Possibly more than 2 MACs if you use phones with in-built switch.)   It would also be good to select all ports that see LLDP or Spanning Tree packets.  Now THAT would be a useful import tool for us.

Now selecting certain interfaces by name would be useful, but combined with the node machine type.  So if its a Ubiquity Networks wireless radio, I want the ath0 interface so I can monitor for traffic and errors.  I think this is a virtual interface, so won't see MACs I'm assuming.


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Hi Dan,

important feedback for us. We have no opened customer issues that it would work only for one or two nodes. Would you mind to open a support case for this? Maybe it's something related to your environment only, but we would like to investigate and fix.

Regarding the ports that may see LLDP or Spanning Tree packets, you can utilize regex statement if there is a certain rule on your interfaces (name, description, etc.) that may identify this. If not, we would have to add special polling into this discovery process in order to provide you more visibility into interface "responsibility". The complete list would be very useful here.

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Level 9

Improve Vmware VDS Netflow reporting.

what exactly would you like to see?

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I would like to have a better way of importing the vDS instead of each individual port and its interface. 2K+ ports makes this a very tedious task.

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Level 12

will you be using MS SQL Reporting Services for the web based reporting? it would make sense for scalability and deployment

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Hi, nope, we are not using reporting service. Our UI is just similar to this. Do you have some problems/suggestions regarding our reporting performance?

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I do not understand what is so hard about adding Trap alerting.  Or atleast a more free Advanced Sql Query alert I could write for the taps.  This is killing me.

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What are you trying to alert on in the traps?  I have created several stored procedures to alert on traps sent from vSphere alarms and even Loadbalancer failovers,  etc...

All done through SQL.  Hit me up if you want to discuss.

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I need to be able to alert when

TrapType like '%ospf%' and Traps.NodeID = '3357' and OIDName = 'ospfNbrState'  and OIDValue = Down(1)

I also need to be able to alert when this OIDValue is flapping between 1 and 8


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Level 11

Setting it so that when using Solarwinds on an iPad it's permanently the full site view. Having this as a user option "Always show full site on a mobile device" would be great. Constantly clicking on Show Full Site gettings annoying.


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Level 10


Any chance that the F5 monitoring will include monitoring servers in the pools because as it stands the UI can be all green showing all it well with world but when you go and check on the device itself you can have pool members down.


is there anything more than this you would like to monitor for F5?

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Good call.

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I'm not sure if I saw this in another thwack thread but I think the ability to selectively choose what hardware health elements are monitored would be helpful. Especially with what happened when the feature was first introduced and SW was reporting hardware failures where there weren't any (primarily Cisco IOS bugs though).

For example, I have seen a device with a supposedly faulty PSU but this is actually a Cisco IOS bug. Until the customer upgrades the IOS, the only way for SW to stop reporting a problem is to disable hardware health monitoring for that device - there is no granular option.

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