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WAN Optimization Reports Negative values

I have recently installed some new Riverbeds and am trying to set up the WAN Optimization reports.  I have verifired via the Cable Swap test on the device that my wan side is using wan0_0. In my custom properties I put the interface ID of wan0_0 in the OptimizedInterfaceID field of Lan0_0. Yet the reports still show pre interface lan0_0 post interface wan0_0 with pre bytes 235 Mb and post bytes 940Mbs. Any ideas?


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Level 8

i'm working on a similar issue. I am trying to report on the Percentage bandwidth reduction over time. I found that the Agg on the LAN resets around 4GB. this is because the values are stored as counter32 which means the value is wrapped when it hits 32 bits (4294967295).

The only way I see of being able to do this is if there was a way to transform the figure based on the previous poll, for example the new figure would be (newValue-previousValue)+previousValue. essentially incrementing by the differnence in the value and stoppin git resetting to zero.

Personally I think that Riverbed should set the device so that if either the LAN or WAN wraps and resets to zero then they both should.

I note that this post is quite old so if anyone has since had success in doing similar to what i'm trying to achieve i'd appreciate it.

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Level 9

The same here.

I ran installed it, double & triple checked everything.

Several values are in the negative range.

It would be nice if someone has figured out the issue that they would share the fix (if there is one).

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I have an open case with SolarWinds about this issue.


Adrian has pointed me towards this other thread on the same topic.

In this other thread someone points out that the "pre" interface needs to be the WAN interface of the Rvb & the "Post" interface needs to be the LAN interface of the same Rvb.

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Level 8

I also have the same problem.  It is interesting that it only happens sometimes and I have verified that everything is defined properly in custom ports. I opened a support ticket and had them check that I had my custom port definitions set up correcty which they did verify. this is what they had to say.

"Looking at the report and the calculation that's being done, it would appear that the value for PreTotalPackets is larger than post total packets, resulting in the negative value, then when it's divided again by Pretotalpackets and multiplied by 100 to get a percent, the results are a negative percent."

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Did you ever get an answer from support? If so, could you share? I am having the ongoing "negative" nubmers issue. We have a significant effort underway here to get these reports working but have no clue what we are doing wrong.

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My Riverbed shows 50% bandwidth reduction on the WAN so I trust those results over these.

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