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Volume capacity forecast - negative number of days to calculate

Hi all,

Recently we've done some work on a couple of devices within NPM and part of this was giving them new IP addresses, everything appears fine with the monitoring, but I've noticed the below this morning (which doesn't look right to me)? The charts that show storage capacity forecast appear to be working as expected...


I was about to open a support ticket, but thought I'd try my hand here on Thwack first - saw this thread Interface Capacity Forecasting Problem  which give a query to clear some tables (I suspect I need to reset something somewhere), but was also hoping someone could explain the above for me ?

If I've inadvertently set time running in the opposite direction, apologies

If more info is needed here, let me know.

Thanks all,

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Level 12

Well, it looks as though this has worked itself out as reviewing Volume capacity forecast segment it now shows as I'd expect it to. Guess it was just a matter of waiting...

Did you speak with support about this resource? I've been curious how often the Forecast updates if it's daily or if a drive suddenly begins filling up rapidly if the forecast updates simultaneously.

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I didn't speak with support as the issue resolved itself. I think it was having issues as some of the data wasn't present for a period.

In terms of how often it updates, I understand it's on a rolling 7 day basis (possibly 30 days?) and bases the forecast on what it observes in that period, but possibly someone from Solarwinds could confirm around that?

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