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Level 12

Volume Alerts

I'm setting up an alert to perfom an action when volumes reached threshold of available space. I'm trying to valide the number of time the action would run by recreating the trigger conditions via SWQL

SELECT n.caption, n.ipaddress, n.IP_Address, v.VolumeSize, v.VolumeSpaceAvailable, v.VolumePercentAvailable, v.VolumeType, v.VolumeDescription, v.VolumeID, v.VolumeIndex, v.DisplayName,v.FullName

from orion.nodes n

left join orion.Volumes v on n.NodeID = v.NodeID


AND v.VolumePercentAvailable < 20

AND v.VolumePercentAvailable > 10

AND v.VolumeType = 'Fixed Disk'

AND v.VolumeSize < 1000000000000

AND v.DisplayName LIKE '%C:\%'

This returns 30 rows whereas my Alert Summary returns 18. The reason seems to be some quasi duplication created when the server build teams use a template to build the servers. That is, I can have a few different servers with the same drive label. I was not expecting this. If I understand what would happen here according to Alert Summary, I'm only going to produce one Alert/Action instead of 3?

C:\ Label: 089AA081SERVER1-C:\ Label: 089AA081
C:\ Label: 089AA081SERVER2-C:\ Label: 089AA081
C:\ Label: 089AA081SERVER3-C:\ Label: 089AA081
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Level 12

An update to this. While the summary view in SW showed a fewer number of actions that would be triggered (i.e. ticket generated in SN) then the SWQL, the actual number of tickets created when activated matched the SWQL

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I'm sure the Summary View has a limit to the number of devices it will list approx 20, and then it will say something along the lines of "(and X more). Could that be the issue?

- David Smith
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I Didn't see that message and the result set was fairly small...I've seen larger. My SWQL showed 30 and the summary shoed 18. I accounted for the missing 12 as duplicate volume labels despite being on a different server.

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