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Level 8

Vlans and Physical Ports

We are integrating Vlans from Solar Winds Orion into HP UCMDB which follows ITIL rules and requires Vlans to be related to a Physical Port.

The NodeVlans table shows VlanId and NodeID.

Is there a table that shows the Port that is related to the Vlan

We've used the NodePortInterfaceMap table to relate VlanID to PortID but none of the PortIDs match any ports in UDT_Port. Is there another table that has port information that corresponds to the PortIds in the NodePortInterfaceMap table

We've used the UDT_VLAN table which shows the related port but not all Vlans from the NodeVlans table are in the UDT_VLAN table

I see Vlans in the Interfaces table but it does not show related port information

Thank you

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Level 17

The data you are looking for is most recently available in the 10.7 RC (available in your customer portal.) Check out the NodePortInterfaceMap table.

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Thank you for your reply. I've used NodePortInterfaceMap but where do I find the mac of the port of the PortID in the NodePortInterfaceMap table

I know macs for ports are in the UDT_Port table but when I did an inner join with the UDT_Port table using PortID, none match with each other.

Thank you

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