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Viptela Hardware Monitoring

HI All,


I am looking for ways to monitor Viptela hardware components like fan power and temperature . I have tried putting specific OIDs on UNDP as provided by Cisco Viptela team to fetch the data for  hardware components like fan power and temperature .

But the values i have received are very raw and unable to interpret the readings.

Please suggest how to monitor it and if there is a customize poller available.


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Level 11

Is Viptela able to send SNMP messages? 

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Could you share the OID's you are looking for, and the result you receive from the UnDPs you have set up please?
- Jez Marsh
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Hi ,

We used below OIDs = STRING: "40 degrees C/104 degrees F" = STRING: "47 degrees C/116 degrees F" = STRING: "Present: yes; Powered On: yes; Fault: no"

we are able to fetch on console not in native polling, how we can use data for alert and report.

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Level 16

Hi @cashwani333 

I will look for 


Snmp trap

API with SAM 

All of the above ...”what is your weapon of choice”