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Level 11

VMWare Host Topology

Is there really no topology support for VMWare in NPM 10.3/10.4 beta?  Under "list resources" for a vmware host there is not option for either L2 or L3 topology in either version.

If there is another place to look to add that information, can someone point me in the right direction?

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Level 17

Topology in Orion is done by SNMP.  The MIBs are likely not supported by VMWare.  You could try to configure the server with snmp if you have not, I would then run the pollerchecker.exe tool in the Orion install directory and choose topology.  But with VMWare's continued move away from SNMP and toward API/VCenter, I doubt there's going to be a way to get this information. 


Matthew Harvey

Loop1 Systems