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VMWARE NSX-T Monitoring Help/Recommendations

Hello Team,

We have a new environment running on NSX-T version 2 Data Center. I've checked all known topics here on Thwack and it looks like there is still a long way before Orion can a feature to support NSX or SDNs.

Is there anyone who already managed to get some monitoring their NSX environment via Orion? The technical documentation of NSX-T states that it can send SNMP v2 and v3 but I can't find any MIB related to it or maybe these are for Traps.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

There's also Syslog and maybe the API which can be used but I'm also looking for some Orion performance/utilization stats for CPU, Memory etc. The controllers and Manager are integrated on vsphere/vcenter.

Like what I saw from a Feature request:

Monitoring logical networks

- Manager controller stats.

- status and statistics of the logical distributed router

- status and statistics of the logical distributed firewall

- status and statistics of the edge appliances (load balancers and multi service)

- monitor and alert on issues with the physical transport network (from the logical network's perspective) i.e. multicast and/or routing issues

Still waiting for access/support to do some testing but if there are solid recommendations then please let me and the community know.


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I haven't done anything with this yet, but the API does look promising. I will likely be tackling this in the next month or two. If you want to explore it yourself, there's documentation for the API available at

We do our monitoring with the updated vROps Management pack, which support NSX-T.  That being said, here's some references to the NSX-T API:

(Please note, NSX-v is the legacy solution (planned EOL 2022-ish), the APIs are not compatible)

The NSX-T API Guide can be found on the VMware API Explorer site:

It is also available local to the NSX-T instance, see  .  This page also has a nice intro walk-through of querying NSX-T API using Postman.

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Thanks. We do have vROps as well. It would be nice to see everything in Orion too though.

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