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V-Center Polling Troubles for Esx's HELP!!

Im having trouble with Polling through directly through V-center. We had an issue with 4 of our host ESX's showing tons of the same VM. It Seemed like it would add another every polling cycle.

I could not figure out what was going on exactly so I contacted SLW support.

We went through the vim_hosts in the database manager and also went into the nodes(esx's) that were giving us problems and unchecked the "Poll for VMware" check box.

After we unchecked that box the Host ESX's disappeared from the Cluster that they were in.

We then tried to Re-check the box and but it wont let us continue without proper credentials entered.

They ended up showing back up in the cluster about 2 hours later. But i still have the same issue

I was wondering if anyone had this issue or anything resembling it and how to get these Hosts back into their proper cluster.

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