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Using Toolset WakeOnLAN as a Trigger action of an Advanced Alert

I have some desktops that our support teams wish to have on all the time. They have configured Wake On LAN in the bios and I have successfully created Trigger action that does the following:


C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Toolset>WakeOnLAN.exe -IP ${IP_Address} -MAC ${WOL_macaddr}


The only problem is that the WakeOnLAN.exe pops up a dialog box. When invoked as a trigger action, it leaves the process running in the background on the Orion server.

Is there a way to supress the dialog box and get WakeOnLAN to silently finish after sending the packet?



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Product Manager
Product Manager

I spoke with the Toolset Dev lead and currently there is no way to have it automatically shutdown, but we will capture and log that as an enhancement.  He did however suggest wrapping it in a vbscript that would call the WOL, then wait for a bit, then “sendKeys” an alt-f4.

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I'm using a command Prompt command to close out the open PID at midnight. I have Task Scheduler running this task at midnight. You must run it with Highest Privileges to get it to work.

taskkill /IM WakeOnLAN.EXE /F

I hope this helps.



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