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Level 9

Using Meraki Wireless devices? What info would you want to see in NPM?

Hi, I’m on the User Experience team at SolarWinds and I'm trying to learn more about what information users would want to see for Meraki devices.

If you currently use Meraki wireless devices:

  • What type of information would you want to see in NPM?
  • Is there anything different you would expect to see for Meraki devices compared to what you currently see for your other wireless devices?
    • There are some fundamental differences in the way Meraki devices work vs other wireless devices. How do you think that would affect what you would see in NPM?

Please respond in the comments below and thanks in advance for your help!

Disclaimer: This is something that we're looking into, but we can’t make any promises or guarantees that this functionality will ship with the next version of SolarWinds or any other.

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Level 11

I was able to add Meraki dashboard as a node and was able to get the wireless information such as Access Points with limited Information.

It is lacking the SSID name information. Endpoint Name connected, Last user Login, Connection Duration, Time Period, Type of Controller, Current endpoint connection, Channel, etc (other information that you can see on a normal access point or WLC.

However, we also wanted to see the Routers and Switches in Meraki to ensure that the sites are UP, latency is normal and bandwidth isn't completely congested on interfaces.

I hope this possible with Solarwinds as not all users should be able to access the Meraki dashboard and Solarwinds can show read only data and use only as our main source of monitoring.


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Level 9

To be able to see if the AP is part of a mesh network would be useful as we use them in some cases in our environment.

Also, some of the finer details like when the configuration was last updated for each AP and to add an alarm when you have a certain number of clients connected to a AP if it meets a threshold.

They may be more to come

Level 9

I've just moved jobs to somewhere that uses Meraki APs, so I'm looking at what I can get out of it via Solarwinds.
Adding the controller was no problem but I've got no Wireless information at all. I don't need anything special from it, but being able to see (and alert on) the number of connected clients, channels and SSIDs as per "standard" Cisco controllers would be awesome.

Level 9

Thanks jamesatloop1​ and designerfx​ for the feedback! We are actively looking into this right now.

You are more than welcome.

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as jamesatloop1​ says is almost exactly the same as I was going to reply in the email, tulsi​ . One set of Cisco hardware/another set of Cisco hardware, so why can't we get the same data and featureset at a minimum? Looking at​  and how it's JSON I can't see why Solarwinds would have any issues here.

To be more specific:

Hardware health + POE health

SNMP performance data including interfaces

AP/WAP inforrmation and individual users/signal strength



Meraki specific over cisco: log searches

Security appliance details

Switch ports, ACL information

Routing table, DHCP rules

Content Filtering

Level 13

Having just been onsite with clients, they would expect to see the same info as per cisco wireless devices, have you any idea what release this will supported on?