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Where and how can I see the device uptime?  I do find the percent availability, but not the total uptime  





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I believe it depends on the device type as to whether or not it has this, but if it is there, it should be on the "Node Details" page under the "Node Details" resource.  In there the top two things should be "Node Status" and "Polling IP Address".   In the middle near the bottom you should see "Last Boot", which will tell you when the device was last booted.   Not actually an "Uptime", but about as close as you can get I think?

You can create a custom SWQL resource to do it more like Linux uptime if you wanted to.

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Level 11


Which version are you using? Also if you click into the node, depending on how the views are set up. there is a blue custom time change that you can configure that can show you how long the device has been up 

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I don' see any blue custom time change...

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We're using the latest version

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