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Upgrading Orion Platform 2018.2 to 2019.4

Hello everyone,

I've been tasked to upgrade our aging Orion System NPM and the rest of the tools, I've Installed and administered SW in my previous locations but this will be the first time upgrading. Support has been very helpful providing me the resources and videos they have on this. I've followed just about all their Checklists. I have located our dBs and collected credentials spun up new servers with the required specs and installed the new Orion (2019.4). The Wizard is waiting for me to enter the location of the dBs. I've located all the services that I have to stop before backing the up dBs. Taken screenshots galore and taken as many of the notes as I can come across. Does anyone have any pointers they would be willing to share?

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Good luck.

If your performing a server migration as part of your upgrade don't forget some of the steps to manually update your database with the new hostname otherwise it won't recognise your new server and will try to add it as a secondary server.

Otherwise like mentioned - Backup, Backup, Backup. DB Backup, Server Backup & VM Snapshots. Then have fun and enjoy the experience.


- David Smith
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The #1 thing to do first before you start is to get a full backup of the database AND take snapshots of the application servers.  That way if it goes south you can get back to a previously working state.