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Upgrade to NPM 12 from 11.5 - Caveats

Guys, we are about to start monitoring a lot more data in our NPM instance. As such, it think it might better to upgrade from 11.5 to 12 before we start adding in tonnes of customized scripts etc. Just wondering how the community have upgrade their instances?

  • Have you done in place upgrades or build outs?
  • Any gotchas to be aware of that aren't documented?
  • Anything that plain doesn't work?

Just looking to see if it's worth doing the upgrade now which I am leaning to.

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Level 11

I recently went through an upgrade of NPM 11.5.3 to NPM 12.0.1 along with upgrading the latest versions of all of these modules:

  • SAM
  • NCM
  • IPAM
  • SRM
  • UDT

Basically the process I used was to upgrade all of the modules in place on the existing server (2008 R2), then upgrade the modules on the APE (Additional Polling Engine) and AWS (Additional Web Server). Installing the modules on the APE/AWS was a breeze with the new installer you run on them via the admin settings from the web interface. After everything was upgraded, I shutdown the old central poller (make sure to deactivate all your licenses first!), brought up a new 2012 R2 server (same name/IP) and installed all the latest versions of the modules and activated the licenses.

Everything basically went off without a hitch. The only issues I ran into were related to the SolarWinds agents I had deployed. When upgrading existing agents to the latest version they would get stuck in a "Updated in Progress" state. I currently have a ticket open with support on this, which they now have assigned to developers. The quick solution is to re-deploy the agent to the servers over the top of the existing agent. Or login to the servers and reinstall the agent manually. The other thing to watch out for is the new RabbitMQ port requirement between the central poller and any additional pollers.

In my opinion, the upgrade is worth it and there were very few issues, beyond it being a little time consuming.

Thanks for the feedback chadsikorra

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