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Upgrade to 2020.02 failed - Failed to configure Database for Log and Event Monitoring


I have tried to upgrade our environment from 2019.4 to 2020.2 but ran into an issue.

Main Pooler installation/upgrade went without issues but once APEs started upgrading all of them (4 in total) failed on the Configuration Wizard step with the following error: 




I tried every possible solution for failed updates know to me (restarts, re installation of services, etc.) unfortunately without luck. I have verified that both databases (Orion database and Log database are on different servers) are accessible and working properly.

In the end I had to restore everything from backup and opened a support case (#00568578) but maybe some of you had a similar issue and were able to solve it.

I will appreciate any feedback 🙂


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I have the same issue but in my case the package was upgrade correctly but I'm getting the same issue. The issue is not present in all pollers. 'm using the same settings.

Another weird thing if I reinstall the old version, the old version is getting installed sucessfully, again I'm using the same settings.



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Sorry to hear of your issues.  We are similar...  I upgraded our Development environment from 2019.2 to 2020.2.  The upgrade went fairly smoothly, but VIM did not update.  We now have no ability to see our Hyper-V servers in a virtualization view.  We were using the built in VIM tool with basic polling.   The view is not updating with any changes to hosts/guests, and we cannot get the "hyperV" checkbox to stay checked when choosing it in resources and saving.   It's been over a week now with SW support but no solution has been found.    

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We ran into the same problem in our environment and followed the below steps to resolve the issue. You can also use the Case # - 00581873 as reference if calling the support team. 

Orion Log Viewer was not upgraded by the centralized upgrade but upgraded all the other modules to 2020.2:

- Uninstall Orion Log Viewer 2019.4
- Restart the Additional Polling Engines
- Go to C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Installers Run the installer for Orion Log Viewer 2020, name of file is OLM-2020.2.0.17695-LogMgmtBasicInstaller.msi (filename version could be different depending on the hot fix)
- Then run the Configuration Wizard again, it should finish successfully without errors.

Nice sharing this information... this is what thwack is really good for!  You helped save 3 people we know of and probably even more we didn't hear about.


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Thanks a lot for posting this, this helped us to upgrade our environment smoother.


Thanks again!

This saved our upgrade as well. Thanks for posting!!

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@AG101  - you totally saved our upgrade.  Thanks.  I did not want to have to call Tech Support on a Saturday morning.

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Did you already have a Log and Event monitoring Database in 2019.4. If so you should just point it there. Have you checked SQL perms (is the SQL account approved to make Databases)? I assumed it would have mode it in the PPE setup and you said that went fine. Is the SQL account the same that you used on your PPE? Last, are you running HIPS? Turn it off during setup if you are.

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