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Level 16

Upgrade/Migrate of OS 2012 R2 to 2016

Hi All,

Can anyone point out the pre cautions to be taken from Solarwinds perspective when the OS level upgrade/migrate is planned from Windows 2012 R2 to Windows 2016.

I did go through couple of threads in forum but not getting complete view.

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Level 10

Hi Pratik,

Were to able to migrate main poller and APEs using the HA method? How did you handled the migration of SQL server ?


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Hi Amrita,

I am still waiting for my tech team to confirm on OS upgrade plan...

However, we did do a migrate of Solarwinds App and DB from old VMs to new VMs since it was being moved to different network.. This was successful and i just followed the steps given the guide... Although there are some points which are not clear but was able to manage and took some help from support too as the command which was mentioned in the doc was not clear as to whether it should be run locally or from SQL studio...

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Level 13

Has anyone done a successful Windows 2012R2 to Windows 2016 migration using same host name same IP guide?

I'm looking to do it very soon and just wanting any additional tips from the field.



We did do migration from old vm having different hostname and IP to new hostname and IP, but with same OS... did not face major issues... Let me know if u still need any info from me...

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You can use our updated migration guide located here:


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Thanks LadaVarga​, but my point was that I can't migrate. I'm looking at an in place upgrade on my SQL server. Thank you though, I'll certainly use this for the VM's I have for my pollers and web server.

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Level 12

It would be nice if SolarWinds would publish some recommendations on this since they are pushing us onto 2016. I'm mostly running VM's, but my DB server is a bare metal server, so I'm looking at an in place upgrade.