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Upgrade Advice / Recommendations to NPM 2020.2.1

We are currently looking to upgrade our SolarWinds environment to the latest version. After reading multiple articles and getting different responses on steps from support, I was hoping someone on here might be able to set the record straight for me.

What we currently have:

(1) SolarWinds Polling Engine - NPM 12.2 (2017.3.5 SP5) - Windows Server 2012 R2

(1) Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - Windows Server 2012 R2


What we would like to move to:

(1) SolarWinds Polling Engine - NPM 2020.2.1 - Windows Server 2019

(1) Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - Windows Server 2019


After talking to support, I have been told (2) different upgrade paths:

Option 1: Install current NPM 12.2 on new Windows 2016 Server, along with migrating the database to a SQL 2016 server. Upgrade NPM to the latest version available, then migrate everything again from 2016 SQL and Windows Server to 2019.

Option 2: Stand up new SQL Server 2019 and Windows Server 2019. Install NPM 2020.2.1 on Windows 2019 Server. Backup and restore database to SQL 2019 Server. Transfer licenses.


Keeping the current name of the old server is not a priority to me at this time as we should only have a small amount of things pointed to our SolarWinds environment by hostname and swapping the IP address is easy. Plust, I can always change the hostname at a later date. My goal is to just be able to do this as easy as possible without having to upgrade multiple times. 

Option 2 sounds the most ideal as recovery should be a matter of reactivating a license should something go wrong on my new SolarWinds server and need to fall back. Does anyone see any issues with doing this or have done this themselves? I just wanted to make sure it wasn't too good to be true. 




After talking with (2) different 

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My last upgrade experience was from version 2019.4 to 2020.2 with moving MS SQL server to another machine (from virtual fo physical). So I can advice go with option 2. However my suggestion is to move SQL server first and run config wizard to ensure the platform is up-n-running. Then move Orion server. If you move Orion server first and then SQL server it should not make a difference. But do not move both servers simultanously. Deactivation licenses and activation for new server is recommended.

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I personally installed a secondary instance of SQL2014 on my SQL2019 server. I migrated my data to 2014, then upgraded NPM and other modules before migrating them on server 2019 and moving data out of SQL2014 into SQL2019.

We had an hardware issue on the 2012 SQL server and it was the easiest way to get rid of that old machine without shaking everything 🙂
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